Sockeye Fly Rig

Alaska sockeye salmon go koo koo for Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle Socko Loco sockeye fly rigs! We took the guess work out of tying the right fishing gear for flossing sockeye salmon on the Kenai River and Russian River drainages. Our 30 lb. test set up is rigged on approx. 5.5 feet of monofilament leader and equipped with everything needed to floss sockeye salmon in permitted waters, except for a sinker. Tie your main line to the 3-way swivel, then attach your preferred sinker weight onto the duo-lock snap and it’s ready to flip! Our Kenai River sockeye fly rig is available with a 1/2 inch hook gap. Our Russian River sockeye fly rig comes with a 3/8 inch hook gap that complies with the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game flossing regulations for Russian River sockeye salmon fishing.

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Kenai  River  Socko  Loco    $3.49 BUY NOW!!!
Russian River Socko Loco   $3.49 BUY NOW!!!
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