Northern Pike Fishing Lures

Northern Pike, a very close relative to muskellunge or musky, and commonly referred to as northern or pike are voracious savages that can grow to lengths that stretch well over 50 inches and a weight that can exceed 60 lbs. in ideal living conditions. Northerns are armed with camouflage skin that allows them to blend in with just about any natural cover within their habitat. They are often found staging an ambush in and around downed trees, sticks, beaver dams, and aquatic vegetation such as grass, weeds, lily pads, etc.

Pike are aggressive predator fish that have the ability to accelerate from a calm stationary position to an explosive rocket propulsion attack mode in an instant to chase down their prey. Boasting several rows of razor-sharp teeth and fierce appetites for nearly any protein or artificial lure that crosses their path, make pike a force to be reckoned with. These along with many other desirable traits including outstanding table fare make northern pike one of the most sought after sport fish in the Northern Hemisphere.

Northern Pike Fishing Lure Options

Ultrabright bedazzling assortments of inline spinners, spinner baits, and spoons are just a few examples of the best lures for consistently catching northern pike and musky. Orange, chartreuse, pink, green, and white, along with metallic tones that mimic natural prey fish are among the best colors to use for targeting northerns and muskellunge. Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle specializes in a unique selection of these types of fishing lures.

Skirt Spinners

Kodiak Custom skirt spinners have been dubbed “pike kryptonite” and for good
reason! We dressed up our base model G.I. spinner with a silicone skirt and the rest is history.
The skirt adds buoyancy and pulsating life-like action to our inline spinner. In addition, the skirt functions as a makeshift weed guard that works surprisingly well, especially when paired with a single hook. Chalk that up with the dazzling colors, flash, and vibration that emit from our powerhouse hybrid spinner, and it’s game over for any northern pike or musky on the lake!

Casting Spoons

Just because northern pike have ferocious appetites, don’t let that fool you.
They like being spoon-fed too! Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle offers a wide range of high
visibility, ultraviolet (UV) finishes on our spoon baits that pike can’t resist under a plethora of
conditions. While standard underwater presentations hold true with Kodiak Custom casting
spoons, don’t be afraid to go after some top water action with our lures in flat calm conditions as
well. The instant our lure hits the water after casting it, point the rod tip straight up in the air and
manipulate our spoon to skip across the surface while retrieving it. As the lure skims its way
back to the rod watch for the classic surface wake of northern pike in hot pursuit and brace for impact as a northern hits our spoon like a brick freight train!

G.I. Spinners

Kodiak Custom G.I. spinners are the “energizer bunny” of northern pike fishing
lures. This family of inline spinners is built tough and not just a heavy-duty tool for every pike angler’s tackle box. Kodiak Custom G.I. spinners are a fish pounding work of art that takes a lickin’ and keeps on fishin’!

Titanium Fishing Leaders

Titanium leaders are a must when fishing for northern pike and musky! Unlike steel leaders, titanium wire is flexible and has no memory. Titanium will twist, bend, and stretch, then spring back to its original form without kinking. Titanium is also a slippery metal that can pull through its crimps and cause a leader to fall apart. The bonded sleeve technology used on our Finn-Tastic titanium leaders ensures that our leaders are the strongest on the market and they stay intact. We offer single strand or 7-strand titanium leaders and recommend using them with all of our pike and musky fishing lures.