Lake Trout Fishing Lures

Lake trout, commonly referred to as Mackinaw are the largest member in the char family and coincidentally grow to become the biggest of all freshwater fish species in Alaska. Canada and North American states which include Alaska and Montana, along with the New England and Great Lakes regions contain the waters in which lake trout are historically native to. However, lake trout have been successfully transplanted and stocked in other North American states and countries around the world. At the most extreme recording of lake trout stats, it is reported that this freshwater piscatorial predator can grow to over 60 inches in length, exceed 100 lbs., and live longer than 60 years under the right conditions. Odds are that most anglers will never hook a monster-sized laker of that magnitude but, there is at least one winner in every lottery and you aren’t going to win if you don’t play!

The best lures for targeting lake trout range from spinners and jigs to spoons, plugs, and baits. Casting, trolling, jigging, deadsticking, and ice fishing are all productive methods of angling for lake trout. However, successfully hooking and landing these potentially giant powerhouse predator fish will require durable lures that withstand the unmerciful damage that lakers can unleash on fishing gear.

Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle offers a wide variety of quality lures that are among the best of the best for catching lake trout of all sizes.  

Tube Jigs

Kodiak Custom tube baits are made with a durable soft plastic compound and reinforced with thick walls and solid heads at the top of our tube. Large natural looking eyeballs on ultraviolet (UV) red heads are among the key distinct features of Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle that attract more fish to our tube baits. Extra strong, ridiculously sharp hooks are used to ensure that our tube jig retains its edge and will not straighten out.

Lead Heads

Our lead heads are balanced so that Kodiak Custom tube jigs suspend horizontally in the water column with a near-level (live bait) profile if desired. When tuned properly, our tube jig swims and suspends like a live bait fish while jigging or deadsticking the lure. Set the lead head farther back from the head of the tube for a horizontal (life-like) profile vs. closer to the end of the tube for a more vertical presentation.

Deluxe Lead Heads

Kodiak Custom deluxe lead heads are the “Leatherman tool” of the tube jig industry! Our innovative stinger hook/bait loop system was engineered so anglers can quickly install beads, blades, rattles, flashing lights, stinger hooks, etc. to the nylon coated stainless steel wire loop and remove or interchange them at any time. Another great feature of the wire loop is using it to secure bait (whitefish, herring, ciscoes, etc.) to the jig. Our sliding sleeve feature tightens the wire loop around the bait and secures it from easily getting ripped off of the hook.

LED Flashing Lights

When rigged properly, underwater LED flashing lights can be lethal additions to a lake trout angler’s arsenal. Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle has perfected several blinking light setups that help catch more lake trout on a variety of lures. Our selection of compact underwater LED models offers the best LED blinking lights to use with our gear and they can be rigged for numerous other setups. Each unit offers approx. 250-300 hours of continual flashing life. To extend the life of our LED flashing lights, clean and store them in a dry place when not in use.

Wet your line with confidence and let Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle guide you to that fish of a lifetime!