Bottom Fishing Lures & Gear

Bottom Fishing Lures:

Bottom fishing is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get! Once a bottom fishing lure or bait descends to the ocean floor, anything from world record sized halibut, lingcod, and rockfish, to salmon and bottom dwellers the size of your hand could get hooked on the end of your line.

Bottom Fish Jigging Tips

Kodiak Custom bottom fishing lures are lethal fish catchers while fishing on anchor, free drifting, and with or without bait. Fresh bait strips (salmon bellies, octopus legs, squid, halibut skin, or herring) approximately 4” – 5” long x 1/2” thick on our bottom fish jigs and lures can produce excellent results.

The bait should run in line with the lures’ weight and skirt and attach to both hooks causing minimal disturbance in the action of our fishing gear. Thick or bulky chunks of bait may cause the jig to flutter off-balance and tangle around itself which can hinder the lures’ performance. Make sure that both hooks are protruding out of the bait so that when a fish strikes it gets hooked. Exercise a medium-speed jigging cadence right on the bottom. Bounce the bottom regularly to monitor changes in depth and terrain. Do not use the jig weight as a handle to haul fish over 30 lbs. into a boat, to hold for photos, or subdue flopping fish out of water.

Bottom Fish Jigs

Kodiak Custom bottom fish jigs are specifically designed to target and catch the whole smorgasbord of offerings at the bottom of the sea. This versatile family of heavy-duty jigs is the best Alaska bottom fishing lure for filling freezers and targeting record sized fish.

Flashing LED Bottom Fish Jigs

Bottom fishing lures on steroids! Kodiak Custom Flashing LED Light Bottom Fish Jigs are engineered to mimic deep sea creatures such as octopus, squid, and cuttlefish that release pulsating bio-luminescence (the production and emission of light). Blinking light emitted from bio-luminescence can attract predatory fish and trigger a feeding frenzy! The underwater LED fish attractor tucked inside our skirted jig bait automatically blinks and flashes when the electronic fishing lure is submerged in water. The flashing light shuts off once the unit is removed from the water, cleaned properly, and dry.

Jig Hook Rigs

Quickly change colors of the squid bait skirted hook rig on our bottom fish jigs without having to pay full price for every weighted lure. Our made in the U.S.A. split ring attachment system makes switching to a different color fast and easy. Jig hook rigs are available plain or with flashing LED lights. 400 lb. test monofilament line is used to attach the 8/0 live bait stinger hook to a 9/0 O’Shaughnessy main hook.

Bottom Jig Weights

Increase (up to double) the weight of a Kodiak Custom bottom fish jig. Simply attach a jig weight via split ring (installed on one end) to the eyelet on top of a separate jig and successfully fish rip tide currents, high winds, or deep water like no other bottom fishing lure can do.

LED Flashing Lights

Underwater LED fishing lure attractors not only attract fish to a hook. They attract squid to jigs, shrimp to pots, crab to traps, and much more! Add or replace LED fishing lure lights on our bottom fishing lures or rig them for other baits and setups. Each unit offers approx. 250 – 300 hours of continual underwater flashing life. Clean with fresh water and dry the LED flashing light when it is not in use to prolong the life of its battery.