Kodiak Custom Fishing Hall of Fame

Who wants to be inducted into the Kodiak Custom Fishing Hall of Fame? Email your photos and video to us for a chance to be featured on our website, social media, YouTube, and/or catalog! Fish photos need to be original, unedited high resolution images of fish caught on our gear, with our lure still in their mouth to qualify. By submitting photos and video, you are certifying that Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle has permission to use them as we see fit. Refer to our website or social media for examples of how photos are being used. We are accepting submissions now so let’s see those pics and videos!

Bottom Fish Lures

Bottom Fish Photos Gallery

Salmon Fishing Lures

Salmon Photos GalleryBest salmon fishing lures that catch more fish!

Pike Lures

Pike Photos GalleryThe Best Northern Pike Fishing Lures in the world!

Lake Trout Lures

Lake Trout Photos GalleryTrophy Lake Trout Tube Jig Kodiak Custom TackleLake Trout Tube Jig Kodiak Custom Kids FishingTrophy Lake Trout Tube Jig Kodiak Custom TackleLake Trout Ice Fishing Tube Jig Kodiak Custom Alaska TackleLaketrout Tube Jig With Kodiak Fishing Tackle AlaskaThe #1 lake trout fishing lures on the market!Trophy Lake Trout Tube Jig Kodiak Custom TackleLake Trout Fishing Lures In AlaskaLake Trout Purple Pearl Tube JigTrophy Lake Trout Tube Jig Kodiak Custom Tackle

Steelhead Lures

Steelhed Trout SpinnersSituk SteelheadYakutat Alaska Situk River Steelhead SpinnersSteelhead Spinners Situk River Yakutat AlaskaYakutat Alaska Steelhead SpinnerSituk River Steelhead LureKodiak Alaska Steelhead Fishing LureSituk River Steelhead LuresKenai Peninsula SteelheadYakutat Steelhead Situk RiverGlacier Bear Lodge Yakutat Alaska Situk Steelhead Kodiak Custom Fishing TackleYakutat Alaska Situk River SteelheadGlacier Bear Lodge Yakutat SteelheadSteelhead Spinners Situk River Yakutat Alaska Kodiak TackleWinter Steelhead Situk River AlaskaThe #1 steelhead fishing lures on the market!

Trout & Grayling Lures

Arctic Grayling Fishing Lures Kodiak Custom Alaska TackleDolly Varden Trout Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle Kenai River AlaskaBest Trout and Grayling LuresRainbow Trout SpinnerGrayling Lake Trout LuresDolly Varden Ice Fishing JigDolly Varden Situk River Yakutat