* Underwater LED fishing lure lights are replacements for Kodiak Custom Flashing Light Jigs or can be rigged on other fishing lure and bait set-ups. Our underwater LED Fishing lights attract fish to your lure, shrimp to your pots and crab to your traps! The LED light automatically flashes when submerged in water and shuts off when removed from water and dried. Each flashing unit offers approx. 250 hrs. of continual flashing light.
* Bottom Fish Jig Weights are a quick fix for increasing the weight of a Kodiak Custom jig or they can be rigged for other set ups. Attach a jig weight via split ring, to the eyelet on top of a Kodiak Custom Bottom Fish Jig and drop to the bottom like a rocket! Listed Jig weights are approximate.
* Bottom Jig Leaders are built for heavy loads, with 400 lb. test monofilament line, and terminal tackle that’s made in the USA! Use with Kodiak Custom Bottom Fish Jigs, heavy lures, baited hooks and more! 
* More fishing lure components are coming soon! 

LED Light Fish Attractor – $4.50  BUY NOW!!!
Bottom Jig Weight  6 oz.  –  $6.59   BUY NOW!!!
Bottom Jig Weight 10 oz. – $11.75  BUY NOW!!!
Bottom Jig Weight 14 oz. – $13.25  BUY NOW!!!
Bottom  Jig  Leader  24”   –  $4.95   BUY NOW!!!
Bottom  Jig  Leader  36”   –  $5.00   BUY NOW!!!

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