LED Flashing Light Bottom Fish Jigs by Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle are designed to mimic deep sea creatures such as octopus, squid and cuttlefish that release pulsating bio-luminescence (the production and emission of light). Blinking light emitted from bio-luminescence can attract predatory fish and trigger a feeding frenzy! The under water LED light fish attraction system in our jig bait automatically flashes when our electronic fishing lure is submersed in water and shuts off when the lure is removed from water and dried. Each LED fishing lure light contains a sealed battery that offers approx. 250 – 300 hours of continual under water flashing life. Kodiak Custom replacement underwater LED flashing lights are available on our Lure Components | Parts page.
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1. approx. 6 oz.   – $20.19 BUY NOW!!!
2. approx. 10 oz. – $25.29 BUY NOW!!!
3. approx. 14 oz. – $26.99 BUY NOW!!!
4. approx. 26 oz. – $39.99 BUY NOW!!!
Tips that increase the life of your flashing jig!
1. Rinse lure in fresh water after each use and dry to insure the light remains off and battery is preserved.
2. Avoid using the jig weight as a handle to land or subdue flopping fish. Grasp the line and ride out the storm!
3. Avoid over torque with channel locks etc. when removing hooks. Back the hook out, opposite of how it went in.
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