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Alaska halibut and lingcod jigs by Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle are designed to catch anything from world record sized halibut, lingcod, yelloweye and shortraker to all the tasty rockfish that deep sea fishing will dish out. Use Kodiak Custom bottom fish jigs with or without bait, a medium-speed jigging motion, approx. 1-10 feet off bottom and bounce the bottom regularly to monitor depth changes. Total length of Kodiak Custom halibut and lingcod bottom fish jigs are Approx. 11.5 inches long.
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1. approx. 6 oz.   – $16.49 BUY NOW!!!
2. approx. 10 oz. – $21.55 BUY NOW!!!
3. approx. 14 oz. – $23.35 BUY NOW!!!
4. approx. 26 oz. – $36.19 BUY NOW!!!

Tips to help increase the life of your Jig!
1. Avoid using the jig weight as a handle to subdue fish that are flopping and twisting. Grasp your line instead and ride out the storm!
2. Avoid torquing and wrenching hooks with pliers, channel locks etc. while removing hooks. Back the hook out, opposite of how it went in.
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