Replacement Hook Rigs | Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle


Replacement Hook Rigs by Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle are a reliable back up to have for quickly changing the double hook squid bait system on your Kodiak Custom Jigs. Our split ring attachment makes switching to a different color fast and easy. With spare hook rigs, your tackle box can possess all of our jig colors, without paying the full price for every lure!

Color recommendations (in order) for Alaska’s most sought after bottom fish.
1. Halibut Jigs     ~ Blue, green, pink, orange, black, aqua.
2. Lingcod Jigs    ~ Orange, pink, blue, green, aqua, black.
3. Yelloweye Jigs ~ Blue, orange, pink, black, aqua, green.
4. Rockfish Jigs   ~ Orange, pink, black, blue, green, aqua.

ATTENTION Kodiak Custom Jig users! Our new & improved trailer hook system virtually eliminated trailer hook breakage! We now crimp 300 lb. test monofilament line to attach our trailer hook and it’s literally unbreakable!
If you have any of our jigs with the obsolete titanium wire hook system…you can trade them in for the new and it’s free!
1. Simply remove your old hook rigs from the jig weight.
2. Mail the hook rigs to us and keep the weight.
We’ll replace them for free!
Please contact us if you have questions regarding free replacements of your obsolete or damaged hook rigs.