World Class Fishing Lures & Tackle

Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle is an Alaska based operation that designs and manufactures some of the best North American fishing lures this world has to offer! Many of the best tube jigs for lake trout fishing, pike lures, salmon tackle, spinners for steelhead, micro lures for trout, and halibut tackle for bottom fishing is made right here in North America by Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle!


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World class fishing lures and tackle

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Best fishing lures and tackle by Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle

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An Amazing Selection Of Premium Quality Fishing Lures

We go the extra mile to ensure our products are built with premium quality lure components that are weighted and balanced to perfection and achieve a fish pounding level of performance that excels above the normal standards.

Our fishing lures are original designs or improvements made to existing lure models, and rigorously tested among our team of tight-knit professional anglers before any of our gear is made available to the public. We demand only the best fishing equipment and take pride in producing the highest quality fishing lures that money can buy. Rest assured, Kodiak Custom fishing Tackle is engineered with monstrous durability and it’s proven to hold up against the wrath of trophy sized, gear busting fish that our lures are designed to catch! That’s just another reason why Kodiak Custom is the best!

Best Bottom Fishing Lures and Jigs

If you like deep sea fishing and catching giant bottom fish, check out the jigs we make for halibut fishing, lingcod, and rockfish on our bottom fish lures page.

Watch us catch what could have been an I.G.F.A. world record (at the time) 420 lbs. huge halibut while field-testing our prototype bottom fish jig! (Here’s a link to the potential world record halibut video on our YouTube channel)

Our fishing tackle is specifically geared for catching nearly every species of game fish in North America but the carnage doesn’t end there. Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle catches fish all over the world!

In addition to being a household name that’s notorious for catching every species of game fish in Alaska, anglers from coast to coast use Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle to catch their fish too! Everything from salmon, steelhead, and trout in the Pacific Northwest, trophy lake trout and salmon in the Great Lakes region, northern pike, musky, and panfish in the Midwest, to bass and crappie in surrounding States are all on the Kodiak Custom hit list!

But wait, there’s more! Kodiak Custom saltwater fishing gear has the nation surrounded! Our bottom fish jig is also in high demand along the East, West, and Southern Coastlines of the U.S. for catching halibut, lingcod, bottom fish and more! Kodiak Custom jig hook rigs are even trolled and mooched for catching tuna, mahi-mahi, and several other warm water tropical fish species! The Kodiak Custom craze is gaining popularity in Norway, Sweden, and various European countries with our salmon, northern pike, and saltwater bottom fishing lures as well.


We will be down for maintenance and not shipping product during the week of May 20-27. All orders received during that time will ship the following week.

2. Titanium Leaders are in and coming to our website soon!

3. Mini soft plastics coming soon!

4. E-mail quality photos or video of fish caught on our gear, with our lure still in their mouth, for a chance to be featured. See PHOTOS PAGE for details.

Buy Online or Visit One Of Our Dealers

If you’re searching online for the ultimate custom lure marketplace, then search no more! Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle can be purchased right here on our website in addition to a growing list with over 100 retailers in the U.S. and Canada. Visit our Dealers Page for a list of retailers that offer Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle in a store near you.

Dealers wanted, a guide program is offered, and international shipping is available. Please contact us via email for international shipping, guide program, and wholesale dealer account inquiries. Or, contact V.F. Grace, Inc. for wholesale distribution out of Anchorage, Alaska.

For real life Kodiak Custom fish pounding action, valuable fishing tips, and how videos, check out our YouTube page and please hit our subscribe button!

Use The Best, Out Fish The Rest!!

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