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WELCOME to KODIAK CUSTOM FISHING TACKLE! If you're fishing online for the ultimate CUSTOM LURE MARKETPLACE, digging deeper to find ALASKA HALIBUT FISHING LURES, LINGCOD FISHING LURES and YELLOWEYE ROCKFISH JIGS then you came to the right place! KODIAK FISHING LURES are HANDMADE by REAL GUYS who FISH and demand only the best ALASKA SALMON FISHING LURES and TACKLE this world has to offer. Our SALMON & STEELHEAD FISHING LURES come in three sizes and two variations...the famous G.I. SPINNER and SILICONE SKIRT SPINNER. Entice any SALMON, STEELHEAD, PIKE OR BASS to strike a KODIAK FISHING LURE! Our CUSTOM FISHING LURES are engineered with monstrous durability and field tested in the rugged SALMON INFESTED waters around KODIAK ISLAND ALASKA and other parts of our great state. You just entered the proving grounds of the best HANDCRAFTED CUSTOM FISHING LURES and ALASKA FISHING TACKLE this world has to offer. Don't believe it? Read on.

"Use the best, out fish the rest!" While field testing the (original prototype) KODIAK Custom Bottom Fish JIG we caught a TROPHY SIZED ~ 420 LBS. HALIBUT that was larger than the current I.G.F.A. WORLD RECORD at the time. However...we broke every rule in the book while trying to land this BARN DOOR ALASKA HALIBUT and blew any chance of getting into the I.G.F.A. WORLD RECORD BOOK as a result. To top that off we captured all of it on film and included it in our KODIAK CUSTOM FISHING TACKLE VOLUME 1 DVD for the world to see! 

Click this link to read the story; (WORLD RECORD HALIBUT?  IT IS BUT IT ISN'T.)

Awesome Salmon Fishing Lures, Halibut Fishing Lures & Quality Fishing Tackle You Can Depend On

Our HANDMADE SALMON FISHING GEAR is superior to all HANDCRAFTED CUSTOM FISHING TACKLE in its class. Whether it's fighting a 50lb. plus ALASKA KING SALMON on a KING SALMON FISHING LURE, or SPIN CASTING for the famed ALASKA SILVER SALMON, these ALASKA SALMON FISHING LURES stand the test of time. Our SALMON SPINNERS are popular throughout the entire state of ALASKA. Unlike most, "Use once and destroyed," salmon fishing lures on the market, KODIAK FISHING LURES take a lickin' and keep on fishin'!


ATTENTION KODIAK CUSTOM SHOPPERS! WE ARE LAUNCHING A BRAND SPANKIN NEW WEBSITE ANY DAY NOW!!! We hope to have it online before May 10, 2015. Please check back regularly to see our new site and all the new goods we are bringing to the table. Thank you for visiting KODIAK CUSTOM FISHING TACKLE, home of the best HANDMADE FISHING LURES! Our CUSTOM ALASKA LURES are available through numerous retailers or right here in our ONLINE SHOP! KODIAK FISHING LURES are designed and tested in the fish-rich waters of Alaska and around the world. If you're looking for the best ALASKA HALIBUT FISHING LURES, LINGCOD FISHING LURES or YELLOWEYE ROCKFISH JIGS you found them here ! Top that off with our SUPERIOR SALMON & STEELHEAD FISHING LURES that double as BASS, PIKE or MUSKY LURES and your trip will be complete! Increase your odds of catching WORLD RECORD HALIBUT, LINGCOD, YELLOWEYE ROCKFISH or SALMON by using the best local lures from right here in Alaska, KODIAK CUSTOM FISHING TACKLE.
THE KODIAK CUSTOM FISHING TACKLE VOL. 1 VIDEO possesses everlasting enjoyment for any audience. This gut-busting masterpiece of unique encounters with nature, sport fishing and cheesy acting will have all of its viewers on the edge of their seats. Volume 1 was produced by Tony “Famous” Davis, along with his crew of thugs, satisfied customers and Alaska retailers. When it comes to sport fishing and outdoors entertainment, Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle is dedicated to becoming a household name in the Great State of Alaska!



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