KODIAK CUSTOM FISHING TACKLE VOL. 1 is an award winning video that’s fun for the whole family. While field testing the (original prototype) KODIAK CUSTOM BOTTOM FISH JIG from an aluminum skiff, Tony “Famous” Davis and Nick Bower caught a 420 LBS. ALASKAN HALIBUT that was larger than the current I.G.F.A. WORLD RECORD HALIBUT at the time. However, the two-man-crew broke nearly every rule in the book while trying to land this BARN DOOR HALIBUT and blew any chance of scoring recognition in the  I.G.F.A. WORLD RECORD BOOK as a result. To top that off they managed to capture all of the action on film and included it in the Kodiak Custom Vol. 1 DVD! Click on the video below for a sneak peak. To order click link; https://kodiakcustom.com/dvds-books/


To see more short video clips from Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle click the following link; https://kodiakcustom.com/videos/


  1. Hey Tony!

    I found one of your old lures you put together at Wally Norenberg Hatchery(Darrin Og’s) cousin back in 97-98! Needless to say, i recently found in old box of gear i had left in Juneau and had shipped down to WA. I ended up using it and doing well in Cascade rivers. Had it on for several weeks on primary rod. Cool to see you are ripping it up in Kodiak. Drop me a line when you have a few minutes. I lost contact with Walter Lloyd and a couple other characters I wondered about.

    Looks like you have quite the arsenal developed for sales now! I will have to pick up a few randoms and give them a go! They all look a bit different than the simple/plain spinner you were putting together back in late 90’s!


    Todd Og